BoxHead designs and makes furniture grade plywood boxes using the classic ‘box joint’ method.

Nobody, but NOBODY else builds fully box jointed boxes except BoxHead.

Many build boxes with box jointed sides; Though NOBODY else includes the base as fully box jointed. We interpret any size into perfect symmetry and perpendicularity.

Why use box joints?

No mechanical fasteners: The use of box joints means that an alternating spread of adhesive is applied. Face ‘a’, then face ‘b’ then face ‘a’, etc. Instead of a single glued face, a full box jointed construction means both faces are glued resulting in a ‘stitch welded’ result. Conventional single joint gluing can promote an ‘unzipping’ moment during joint failure. Box joints prevent this from happening. No screws or nails are needed, so no potential for corrosion or wood decomposition

Perpendicularity: This means how square is one surface to an other. My box drawing programs are numerically correct. This means my NC machine will cut accurate parts. Experience has shown that different materials and tools require different cutting approaches to achieve this accuracy.

Our boxes are sustainable, durable and beautiful. All products are made from Australian made FSC plywood at our workshop in Rockingham, Perth.

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Pickup location is 15 Markaling Close Hillman WA. 6168.


Recent Products

  • Vinyl record storage box

    Designed for storing your precious collection of vinyl LP's. Inside dimensions: 343mm x 343mm x 343mm. 9.5mm Queensland Hoop Pine plywood
  • Instrument box

    For either musical or scientific, the instrument box features a hinged lid, handle and locking latch.
  • Mobile storage box

    A variation on the 'Raiders' Toy Box. The mobile storage box has been rotated 90 degrees and has had internal dividers added. 4 removable boxes complete this member of the 'flying furniture' range.
  • ‘Raiders’ Toy Box

    Based on the largest of the 'Standard' boxes, the "Raiders' box is reminiscent of the final scene in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'. Great as a mobile toy box or for soft furnishings storage. A member of the 'flying furniture' range.
  • Wheely seat

    Part of our 'Flying Furniture' range. The Wheely seat is a handy storage unit as well as providing some seating for unexpected visitors to the office. Soft rubber lockable castors.
  • Chest of boxes

    The Chest of boxes is made up of an outer carcass and 12 storage boxes. The storage boxes slide out and can be taken to the 'job' at hand. As with all of our boxes, the 'box joint' method of construction ensures squareness and so multiple chests may be stacked side by side or on top of each other. Time to get organised!
  • Standard Box

    The 'Standard Range' is our largest collection of sizes and materials. Lids are optional. Use the drop down menu to choose your box length, width, height, material and lid option. You can even save 40% when you purchase your box as a kit and build it yourself!