• Vinyl Record box

BoxHeads design and build plywood boxes using classic box joint joinery. Our products are sustainable (carbon negative), durable and beautiful.

All our boxes feature the classic ‘box joint’. The result is not only aesthetically pleasing, the box will be strong and true.

Boxes are one of the most elemental structures that humans make. When you think about it you can reduce most things down to a simple box.

We offer a range of standard sizes or you can specify your custom requirements.

Most products can be purchased as a finished item or as a DIY kit.

All kits include our proprietary clamping system, ‘Box Jaw’ making assembly easy. Fully glued, no mechanical fasteners required.

We use computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacture (CAM) techniques. This means we make accurate boxes with minimum waste.

BoxHeads can provide design services for your project or prototype. Contact BoxHeads for an obligation free consultation.

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