Custom DXF Files

$15.00 DXF files are a quick and easy way to get started making beautiful boxes. Don’t have a CNC machine? Purchase a file and take along to your local cabinet maker then make the box yourself. All plans include our proprietary ‘Box Jaw’ clamping system which is made from the same material as your box. Files will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

Please read the DXF page prior to placing your order.

Length or Depth (mm) * 

Width (mm) * 

The width of the box. If you specify handles they will be placed on this side.

Height (mm) * 

Inside or Outside dimensions * 

Target Joint Pitch (mm) * 

This is the number that the program will use as a guide to calculate the final joint size. The value will be the closest odd number of joints to the size you specify. The minimum is material thickness x 2.

Material Thickness (mm) * 

It is recommended that you measure your material in multiple places and provide the greatest value. EG: 12.3 Don’t use the nominal thickness.

Box Joint Overhang (mm) * 

The amount the joint will overhang the adjacent face. This is important to achieve a high finish. Generally 0.3mm.

Handles Y/N * 

Handles are placed on the short side. Their size is 75mm x 25mm. Position is 20mm from top of box. These values can be altered. Contact us for details.

Cutter Diameter (mm) * 

Recommended is 4mm

Lid style * 

95% of our boxes sold do not include lids. For single box plans at least one lid is needed during assembly. A simple lid with locating lugs is provided as a minimum.

Lid Index Diameter

The diameter of the holes for locating dowels.

Part spacers (mm) * 

Used as a guide during CAD nesting. They are not cut. Recommended is 12mm for 4mm diameter cutter.

Mirrored boxes * 

Option to build two opposing boxes in one assembly. Speeds up production by up to 33%.


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