To make anything on a CNC router a vector based digital drawing is required. We have developed our own software so that any product that is ‘box shaped’ can be drawn in an instant, at no cost. Simply tell us the dimensions and the target ‘box joint’ size (down to 30mm) and we will generate the drawings at no cost (subject to an order being made).

If your project is not a box like structure and you do not have drawings, no problem. We can draw the part or project for you. Where multiple parts are required we will ‘nest’ them so that the material stock is fully utilised. Once you have approved the design we will generate the instruction set (the CAM process) for the CNC machine and begin cutting.

CNC Routing

Our router is highly accurate. We regularly work down to tolerances of 0.01mm. This is how we achieve the perfect interference fit for our box joints. Once cut, parts are cleaned and / or sanded.

The price for custom projects is $60.00 per hour including GST. This includes machine time and machine operator. For larger projects or large multiples of parts call us as economy of scale will always bring the price down.